• Film School


    Generating perhaps the most income for Full Sail University is their film school. Priced at over $83,000 (with Launch Box), this degree program is supposed to deliver the skills and experience for the student to "break-into" the industry and have a high ...

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  • Music School


    The Music School is another sought after program in the Full Sail University line up. With the dream of signing on with a major artist, students sign up for degree programs like Music Business.

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  • Design School


    Are you wanting an outlet to put your design ideas into motion? Full Sail University's Design School offers many different programs that are created to harness your creative mind and take you to the next level, but do they really deliver? Take Full Sail U...

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  • Art School


    From an Associates, to Bachelors, to Masters, this Full Sail University program has something for everyone. Whether you use a digital program to create your art or the old school pencil and paper, this program touts that it will prepare you for the what t...

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  • Game School


    Do you love video games? Want to be the next big video game designer? Full Sail University's Game School may be an option for you. Offering programs in game art, design, and development, Full Sail's Game School touts that they "teach the art and technolo...

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  • Business School


    Ready to be the next Donald Trump of the entertainment world? Full Sail University's Business School offers an array of programs from New Media Journalism to Music Business to Entertainment Business. This last program is priced at over $58,000 w/Launch B...

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