Full Sail Executive's Spend Million's

Full Sail University Student Stabbed

Full Sail Student Shot And Killed

Full Sail You Can Run But You Can't Hide

President Obama Signs Executive Order To Protect Men/women In Uniform From Schools, "More Interested In Making A Buck"

Armed Robber Sought At Full Sail University

Full Sail University Student Shot Over Backpack! Most Likely Holding An Apple Mac Book Pro

How For-Profit Schools Pitch Prospective Students, Another Show Of Shady Practices

Student Loan Debt & Going Bankrupt

For-Profit Colleges Win Concessions While Spending Millions To Lobby

For-Profit Colleges Lawsuit By DOJ

CNN Money Expose On Tax Payer Dollars Funding For-profit Schools

While Full Sail Is Not Mentioned In This Video, Are They Any Different? Only You Can Decide

For-Profit Colleges Lobby The Govt. To Keep The Money Flowing To Their Pockets

55% Of Student Loan Defaults Are Held By Former For-profit College Students, Yet They Account For Only 10% Of Students Attending School.

Why Did Mitt Romney Endorse Full Sail University? Money, Of Course!!

US Federal GAO Exposes For-Profit Colleges' Deceptive Marketing Practices

CEO Of Full Sail Gave $85,000 To Mitt's Campaign And T.A. Associates Exec Gave $120,000

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