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Do you love video games? Want to be the next big video game designer? Full Sail University’s Game School may be an option for you. Offering programs in game art, design, and development, Full Sail’s Game School touts that they “teach the art and technology of software development and design for games”. Did you get sold on the fact you’d be placed right out of school?

The Florida Department of Education paints an entirely different story on how many get hired. Out of the 1,056 students enrolled in the Full Sail University Bachelor Game Art Program, just under 4% got placed. Many are left with an over-sized student loan and  a dream that won’t pay the bill. It is to be noted that Full Sail University is owned by T.A. Associates, a private equity firm, click here to see their “consumer” portfolio. Yes, I said consumer not educational. Full Sail University is a business with a focus on the bottom line first. Interestingly, T.A. Associates also owns L.A. Film School which is facing a Class Action Lawsuit for deceptive practices. Could this mean they are more worried about getting people in the door to pay for all the high tech stuff or giving the students a quality education. You be the judge!

It should be of no surprise that James (Bill) W. Heavener  is CEO and Co-Chairman of Full Sail University and Co-Chairman of L.A. Film School as well as Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. All For-Profit schools.

Please let us know what you think about the game school with your Full Sail University Reviews!

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2 Responses to Game School

  1. GimmehDemWaffels says:

    yo Im tooo anxious to get down to florida and attend Full Sail .. i kno i gotta make this a reality ASAP!

    • Nick Skala says:

      Don’t! The school sucks, the teachers suck, if you do it online its all outdated videos, which teach NOTHING (you’ll be using youtube to fill in for their crappy videos)
      Plus anything good you read about them, is propaganda posted by paid fullfail staff members

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